The availability of natural gas in the Dutch subsurface has boosted the economy of the Netherlands for decades. Nowadays the production of natural gas from conventional sources is rapidly declining while demand is ever increasing. Indeed, it is expected that within five years the Netherlands will become a net importer of gas. Many other EU countries, having far less conventional gas of their own, are already faced with reliance on imports from Russia. Read more...

The overall strategy of 2F2S is built around the knowledge that efficient predictions of producibility of tough gas plays, such as gas shales, tight sands or coal seams, can be only achieved a) by adopting a multi-scale approach (cover the 105-10-5m range) to understand the behaviour and transport properties of both natural and man-made fracture systems and intervening rock matrix under in-situ P-T-chemical conditions, and b) by consciously integrating the disciplines needed to link the multiple scales involved, i.e. numerical modelling studies, laboratory experiments and field observation and verification studies.


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